Concrete Paving International

Concrete Paving international

More often customers ask us to work beyond the borders of The Netherlands and Belgium. That’s why we started Concrete Paving International as part of the Roos Groep.
We are able to work beyond to borders or you can hire our Slipform pavers and Engineers.
Please contact us if you’re interested and could use some help of a professional.


Visiting adress: Handelsweg 21, 5531AE Bladel, The Netherlands

Mail Adress:  Postbus 61, 5530 AB Bladel


Phone number:  +31 497 38 68 90

Fax:              +31 497 38 68 02

Chamber of Commerce number: 17267691

Visiting hours

Monday till Friday: 

8.30 uur t/m 17.00 uur